Benefits of being part of the Midlands Packaging Society

The modern packaging industry is in the spotlight more than ever. With the  increasing importance of the impact on the environment and commercial cost savings, whilst also expected to deliver innovation, service, quality, product safety, improved machinery and brand security.

Being part of the Midlands Packaging Society is almost certainly the most cost-effective way for packaging professionals to ensure they can respond to the many challenges faced today.

Benefits include:

Broaden knowledge – the opportunity to expand your knowledge through courses, webinars and Face to Face events to keep you up to date on the latest industry innovations, research and trends.

Our enhanced network, and being affiliated to IOM3, enables countless opportunities to connect locally and globally.

Opportunities to become more involved as a volunteer in local, professional and technical activities.

Discounted rates at our and other associated events.

Opportunities to gain Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

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Be a voting member of the MPkgS

The Midlands Packaging Society is a place for everyone working in the packaging industry. Whether starting out and seeking advice, knowledge and experience – or indeed a place where the more experienced can give back to a wider community.

Voting membership of the Midlands Packaging Society is gained by joining the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3) and updating your profile to receive information about the MPkgS.


The IOM3 vision

The Institute’s vision is to be recognised as the global leader for professionals involved with the materials cycle.

The IOM3 mission

Our mission is to promote the science, design, engineering and technology of materials, minerals and mining and their practical applications and facilitate qualifications, professional recognition and development, and to deliver knowledge, information and networking services to a global membership and wider community.

Why Join IOM3

Whilst the regional packaging society offers a comprehensive range of support, services and connections to broaden knowledge, inspire and stay motivated, membership of IOM3 offers:

Become part of and contribute to the IOM3 dynamic and vibrant community who are addressing the challenges of climate change, net zero emissions, and societal well-being by supplying the current and future generations of materials and developing the associated science, engineering and technologies that will be needed to make this happen.

Have at your fingertips the latest knowledge, insight into cutting edge application and practice, and thought leadership on all classes of materials and associated technologies.

Be recognised for your professional achievements, experience, and competence through our suite of awards, bursaries, scholarships, and Chartership programmes.

Stay at the top of your professional game by participating in our sector-recognised professional development including conferences, webinars, courses and podcasts, at discounted rates.

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