What we do

We offer packaging support and advice.

Globally and within the UK, government interventions into packaging is unprecedented with legislation such as the Plastic Tax, Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), Deposit Return Scheme (DRS), carbon emission reductions, green washing and product labelling.

Advice seems to be everywhere – do use / don’t use some materials e.g. paper v plastic or alternatives e.g. compostable and of course the drive to better design for the future in a circular economy and reduce waste.

We are here to provide objective information.

We promote the science, technology and benefits of packaging materials and components including the supply chain processes.

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Find out a bit more about our Committee

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Our History

The IOM3’s Packaging Group works through its affiliated regional societies and has a rich history going back to its predecessor, The Institute of Packaging (IOP). The Group is part of a global network of packaging professionals in what is a diverse industry, providing support for its members and the broader packaging industry as a whole for more than 75 years.

From a, regional perspective, the merger of both East and West Midlands Packaging Societies into the Midlands Packaging Society brought with it the combined experience and expertise of both societies, along with the strength and breadth of IOM3.

Combined, they form a powerful force in the ever-changing world of packaging for the benefit of both members and the wider community.

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Our history

We are producing a timeline of history and are looking for members' contributions

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